All about Spring

Spring is all about new flowers blooming, new leaves and of course, new cleaning
products! Lynsey-Queen of Clean has created the perfect Spring Box that has all the
essentials you need to make sure your house smells and looks as fresh as the season

The box contains:
1 x 100 Black Bags- start fresh, throw the rest
6 x Spontex Sponges- scrub away
1 x 500ml Zoflora Bluebell- it’s finally time to clean that garden and watch the flowers
6 x 500ml Flash Bathroom- Make your bathroom shine
6 x 250ml Dettol Original- it’s time to disinfect and re-stock
10 x 433ml Fairy Liquid Lemon- you’ll definitely need this considering all the washing
you’ll have to do with all those Spring parties you’ll be throwing!

What’s more is you get all this for just £31.99!
As said by the Queen of Clean herself, Happy Spring Cleaning