Toilet Roll Goals

Toilet Roll Goals

We've found some of the most creative ways to store all that toilet roll. Who knew you could have toilet roll goals? 

The Masterpiece

artwork toiletroll

Lets start off with some toilet roll artwork. Thats right, art work! This master piece is simply made from a large box frame filled with toilet roll. Doesnt look like they will be running out any time soon.



This creative idea will keep you occupied if you have forgotten your mobile, only problem here is you'll be playing agaisnt yourself. Unless of course your kids wont leave you alone at the times you need a little bit of peace and quiet. This is one of our favoruite creative ways to store all those toilet rolls



The simple but very useful way to store plenty of toilet roll, a basket! So why not add in a rolling pin in there for the in-use roll! Great idea.

(All photo credits - Pinterest)

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