With the Holiday season approaching, we are all in need for the simple hair tips that don't get us into a Hot-mess. With help from Hollie Parkes, giving us all the step-by-step tutorial, we can now all have beautiful beachy locks!

You will need

- Hair straigtners

- Hair tie/Bobble

- Hair Spray


Step 1. 

Part your hair into two sections, then brush through. Now you want to grab your straightners, start by bringing a piece of hair around 1 inch forward. Now in one motion, twist your wrist away from your face so your hair goes over the top of your straightners.

Step 2. Continue to push your straightners down whilst the hair is slowly being pulled through. Continue this throughout. 


Step 3.

 Once you have curled all pieces of you hair, make sure you run your fingers through and give it a good shake. If you feel like they are a little too curly (Don't worry they will drop) you can run your brush gently through. Now, just spray with hair spray! Our favourite is Loreal Elnett, it's long lasting and doesnt feel heavy on the hair!