If you're anything like me, you would have no clue how much a month you spend on your essentials, or even how many times a month you buy them! You just keep telling yourself as you see the moisturiser getting close to it's end, scraping the last bit out with your little finger, I must remember to buy more!


Easho have created some really cool printables, this one is called 'Learn how to schedule your savings'. It explains how easy it is to get on top of all your daily essentials, and helps you see how many times you use each product. 


You can learn how to schedule your boxes (And your savings) in 3 easy steps.

1, Write down when you receieved all your essentials

2, Soon as you run out of a product, you cross how many weeks it lasted you

3, With the infomation you have gathered, you can now group all the products that run out at the same time and schedule them to be delivered in one box. 

I keep these printables pinned up on my fridge, with my daily to do list next to it - that way I'm ready for anything the month throws at me!

You will receive these printables FREE in any first box you buy from Easho. Will be available to download very soon!