NIVEA Men - Sensitive moisturiser

The improved light cream formula with 0% alcohol* does not leave skin with any burning feeling. It is fast absorbing, gentle and enriched with the powerful combination of Chamomile and Hamamelis. Resulting in making your skin looking healthly and irriation free. It spreads well, and absorbs nice and quickly. Very lightweight so it does not feel like you’re wearing moisturiser at all. We found the moisturiser to be highly hydrating, soothing, leaving no greasy residue. It was non-irritating to our sensitive skins. It was great as an everyday moisturiser, as it really helped to reduce the flakies, redness and irritation. Another plus - The price! No complaints here..

NIVEA Men - Sensitive Shaving Foam

The improved Shaving Foam contains 0% alcohol*. It is extra gentle, fragrance-neutral and enriched with the powerful combination of Chamomile and Hamamelis to care for the skin before you shave. Softening your beard hair for a close and extra comfortable shave, whilst protecting your skin from irritations. Everything you would want from a shaving foam, smells nice too! People with sensitive skin have noticed a significant reduction in irritation when shaving whilst using this product, so make sure if you’re someone with sensitive skin you let us know how it is for you. Again, the price is brilliant and worth every penny.